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HVAC System Cleaner

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Product Details:
  • Lubegard KOOL-IT Evaporator & Heater Foam Cleaner - 6 oz.
  • KOOL-IT Evaporator & Heater Foam Cleaner removes unwanted smells and stains from HVAC system and leaves a clean, fresh scent. It is compatible with all vehicles including electric and recreational vehicles. No additional tools needed.

P311-36643F9    96030  New

0005300008,  110001213418,  151284300A,  18546,  20201,  5914,  9503,  SOA868V9315,  UM090-CH035

  • Fitment Warning:
    • This is a Universal/Non Application Specific Product. To install this part, you made need to cut, weld, or make other modifications to your vehicle.
  • Product Attributes:
    • California Proposition 65
    • Features:
      • Quick and Easy!
      • Eliminates odors
      • Improves air quality
      • Leaves a clean, fresh scent
      • Maximizes cooling system efficiency
      • No equipment or drilling required
      • Ideal for cars, trucks, vans & RV's
      • Compatible with electric vehicles
    About Lubegard
    Use KOOL-IT super foaming action to remove inanimate contaminates in air conditioning and heater sy ... Read More About This HVAC System Cleaner
    Additional Fitment Information:
    Additional Fitment Information:

    Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products